We’re hearing from news reporters that the mayors praised the work of the people charged with managing the airport at today’s Airport Authority meeting.

In response to requests:  “There has been a pattern of poor decisions and cozy relationships at the Airport that led to the creation of the fortress hub and produced the crisis that exists today. It’s why new thinking, mayoral leadership, business involvement, and a real plan of action are needed and have been advocated assertively by the nearly 6,000 people on Delta Does Memphis. Most of all, it’s about being honest with the public and it’s not about seeing the car in the ditch, and not acknowledging how it got there.”

That said, the mayors’ involvement is a major breakthrough. It’s clear that they, not the Airport Authority, are now in charge of dealing with this issue and developing the plan of action for addressing it. That’s a good sign. There’s always the political things to be done but as long as they take control of this situation from the Airport Authority, it’s progress.

But as many of you have emailed, it’s time to hold people accountable and it’s time for the mayors to call for change in leadership. It’s not saying that these are bad people. It’s just saying that it’s time to give someone else a chance. In the end, it’s hard to imagine that the mayors will hitch their political stars to the Airport Authority and the current mess that it has enabled.

Mr. Perl exuded that today’s meeting was the first time in 30 years that both mayors have attended an Airport Authority meeting. #1 – it’s unbelievable that we have a public board where people remain for 30 years, #2 – the mayors’ presence directly acknowledges the depth of the problem caused by the Airport Authority, and #3 – the message from the mayors, when all the niceties are stripped away, is unmistakable and we’re sure most Airport Authority members got it: this isn’t working and something has got to change.

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