We’ve written a lot about FedEx’s three-hub global strategy that links Paris’ DeGaulle Airport; Guangzhou, China aiport, and Memphis International Airport.  We know that freight boxes don’t care what airports look like, but because of the billions of dollars being invested in this strategy by FedEx, the spotlight will be shining on these three airports as solid evidence of each city’s commitment to the creation of a global economy that has taken flight and to the development of an airport city.

We’re not saying that we’re Paris or Guangzhou, but with aviation the single largest economic engine in our region, it does seem that we should be asking the question of what a better airport could look like, how it could become a truly multi-modal center, how it could include a major conference center and hotel, and how it could be tied to real estate development that creates new value for the airport area.

We don’t know the answers.  We just think the questions are worth asking.

Here are photos of the French and Chinese anchors: