Project: Porch Swing, a Clinton, Mississippi-based startup, today launched its online shopping platform at The site, which features select retailers among more than 300 national, regional and local partners in a variety of categories, will donate 60 percent of its revenue to fund public education in the Mid-South.

“Education funding is a hot-button issue in every city and county across the country,” said Stephen Stewart, co-founder of Project: Porch Swing. “A strong education system creates a strong community. Our goal with Project: Porch Swing is twofold: to get national and local retailers consistently involved in education funding and to provide long-term support to the schools that need it most.”

Project: Porch Swing’s donation split – with 60 percent of revenue going back to education initiatives – is the company’s primary differentiator. Currently, the organization has plans to donate funds to the education foundations in five school districts throughout the Mid-South. These include SchoolSeed (supporting Shelby County schools), Bartlett Education Foundation, Collierville Education Foundation, Germantown Education Foundation and DeSoto County Foundation for Excellence in Education.

“The premise is simple – if you’re shopping online, do it at,” Stewart said. “It won’t cost shoppers anything extra, but it can make a difference by closing the funding gap in public education.”

The launch will kick off on June 9 with a 14-day campaign in conjunction with the Lyft Ambassador Program. Through June 23, first-time Lyft riders in the Memphis area who enter the phrase “Lyft4Memphis” in the payment section of the app before booking a ride will have $6 donated to the foundations. Funds generated by the Lyft partnership will be split evenly among the five benefiting organizations.

Memphis is the first market launch for Project: Porch Swing. The company has plans to add Mid-South districts and to bring the platform to other areas in Tennessee, including Nashville, Chattanooga and Knoxville later this year.
About Project: Porch Swing

Project: Porch Swing is a technology company that focuses on providing long-term, consistent funding to public education through its online shopping platform. Founded in Clinton, Mississippi, by Stephen Stewart and his partners, the first platform launched in Memphis, Tennessee, in June 2016. The organization has partnered with more than 300 local, regional and national partners to provide a great shopping experience to customers. For more, visit