Germantown and Collierville are among Tennessee’s top cities in household income, U.S. Census Bureau survey estimates released in December show.

Germantown at $109,674 in median household income and Collierville at $101,000 trail only the Nashville suburbs of Belle Meade ($202,125) and Brentwood ($134,443) and the Chattanooga suburb Lookout Mountain ($110,208).

And Belle Meade with 2,987 residents and Lookout Mountain with 1,890 are very small communities.

Census Bureau estimates for 2013 show Germantown with 39,375 residents and Collierville with 47,333. Brentwood’s population is 40,021.

Median income is not an average but is the midpoint income. Half of households are above the median and half are below.

The latest census figures are from the Census Bureau’s five-year 2009-2013 American Community Survey (ACS), which includes a variety of economic, demographic, education, social and housing data.

The figures are rolled up a year each year and are released annually. The numbers usually do not change much from year to year, but as shifts occur in communities, they will change for many communities over periods of time.

Here are the latest ACS median household incomes for many of the cities across the Memphis metro area, Shelby and DeSoto Counties, the states of Tennessee and Mississippi and the United States:









Shelby County–$46,250.


Hernando, MS–$61,813.

Horn Lake, MS–$46,322.

Olive Branch, MS–$63,449.

Southaven, MS–$57,483.

Walls, MS–$34,943.

DeSoto County–$58,505.


United States–$53,046.

Madison, Miss., a Jackson suburb, traditionally has the highest median household income among Mississippi cities. The latest figure is $99,124. Olive Branch traditionally ranks second among Mississippi cities.