Cleveland Skateboard Park


A new world-class skateboard park is coming to Cleveland.

The City of Cleveland has completed the conceptual design phase of a new skateboard park to serve local residents and to help spearhead further development of the Columbus Road Peninsula. This section of the Flats is already home to the Ohio City Bicycle Co-Op and the proposed home of the Cleveland Rowing Foundation. Columbus Road Peninsula will become a people-powered recreation district nestled along the Cuyahoga River.

Grindline completes the conceptual design phase.

World-class skatepark design/build firm Grindline has finalized the conceptual design of the skatepark. Based in Seattle, Grindline is one of a small handful of world renown design/build firms that have ushered in a new era of skatepark design and construction. They engaged with Parkworks to design the new skateboard park for Cleveland and will be one of the main candidates for construction.


Final Conceptual Design

Three different conceptual designs were created based on all the ideas and comments from the first public meeting on April 28th 2010. These concepts were refined based on feedback and ideas from the public starting at the June 22nd public meeting and comments and ideas collected since then. The final design chosen was the “Snake Run” concept featuring an iconic snake run and deep kidney bowl along with various street/flow elements and double ledge lines around the edge. Materials feature a mix of concrete, brick, granite, and pool coping.

More angles of the Cleveland Skateboard Park

image image image image

Sample proposed Site Plan off Merwin Ave.


What about the skatepark at North Coast Harbor? It is finally gone.

The temporary steel ramps at the Cleveland skatepark at North Coast Harbor outlived their useful life and were damaged beyond repair. The ramps were dismantled and the public art surrounding the skatepark has been preserved.

The Cleveland Skateboard Park will be located west of Hart Crane Memorial Park off Columbus Road on Merwin Road.