If you are on our end of Front Street much, you have undoubtedly seen our friend Jimmy Ogle leading a rapt group of visitors on a walking tour of some part of downtown.  The Daily News has an article about our resident history buff.  It begins:

Jimmy Ogle is taking the city’s history off the page and into the streets – and in some cases under the streets.

Ogle has been offering walking tours of the Downtown area since November 2008. They’ve grown more elaborate but still with a firm grounding in shoe leather and occasional access to some exclusive views mainly from rooftops.

“You’ve got to have the right reputation and ask the right question,” Ogle said.

And he is constantly finding new parts of the city’s history to explore.

Ogle began leading free tours of the Shelby County Courthouse last week offered by the Memphis Bar Association at noon on the third Thursday of each month.

The tours begin on the southwest corner of Adams Avenue and Second Street. But for the inaugural tour, Ogle began inside the courthouse at the bust of Andrew Jackson in the southern corridor of the century-old structure.

You can read the rest at this link.