We’ve received this email from our reporter friends at The Commercial Appeal who it seems have been stonewalled by management for way too long:


Several years ago, you signed a petition in support of workers at The Commercial Appeal. Now we need your help again.

The management of The Commercial Appeal has made its “final offer” in contract bargaining. They are demanding the unlimited right to fire everyone and outsource every job. The current contract says they CAN outsource work, but CAN’T fire the people who used to do it.

We are mobilizing the public to tell the company that they just can’t do this. You can help us out by joining our Facebook cause, which is here:

Once we have a critical mass of people involved, we’ll start taking actions to encourage the company to propose a better deal.

For now, please join the cause and ask all your friends to join. Thank you for your support!

Daniel Connolly

President, Memphis Newspaper Guild