Continuing our intermittent feature, 10 Things We Love About Memphis,” here’s a great list from EcoMemphis. We continue to welcome your list which we’ll post at this address:

1. I love Memphis for it’s (nearly subversive) determination to make this a great place to live – nay-sayers be damned.

2. I love the suburbs. There’s a lot of cool stuff happening out there even hip midtowners would envy.

3. I love that Memphis is understanding that we don’t have to seek permission from our political leaders to have the communities we want.

4. I love that Memphis has tremendous appreciation for beauty – in our art, in our yards, in our performers.

5. I love there’s still a sense of ‘new-ness’ here. That we can make Memphis what we want it to be.

6. I love that we have strong multi-cultural communities.

7. I love that we have a strong, positive history/identity – we know it, we own it, and we don’t apologize for it.

8. I love that we are Southerners, and will be pushed, but only so far. There are many times, when what we care about is put on the line. Then, we stand strong and take care of business.

9. I love that we love our babies. Memphis has a tremendous culture of parenthood and trying our damnedest to be the best we can be.

10. I love our parks – Riverside Park, Shelby Farms, Shelby Forest, Peabody Park, Cancer Survivers Park – with lots of activities like golf, frisby golf, tracks, hiking, boating, fishing, etc. I feel lucky to have these available.