To continue the “green” theme, there’s a forum Saturday morning on a subject way overdue for Memphis – how design and environmental sustainability don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

The speakers for the session are David Yocca and Gerould Wilhelm from the Conservation Design Forum, experts at integrating environmentally and culturally sustaining land planning, design and development techniques. They see “green development” as the linchpin between environmental stewardship and economic growth.

They’ll be at the Brooks Museum of Art from 10:30 until noon, Saturday, December 1 in a meeting sponsored by The Mississippi River Corridor-Tennessee and Shelby County Government.

It’s the first of several programs being planned to spotlight successful sustainable design projects, according to spokesperson Amie Vanderford. She said that its overriding purpose is to explore what’s being done across the U.S. and promote new ideas in the Memphis region. Also, they hope people will be inspired to get out and visit natural and historical places along the Mississippi River in West Tennessee.