Mike Hollihan has offered another good suggestion for improving Memphis, and we include it as part of our weekly Suggestion Box feature:

I’ll throw out something else to be looked at: the city cab situation. It is unbelievably broken. Twenty to 30 dollars for a cab ride from the airport to downtown? Not being able to hail a cab? Having to wait up to 90 minutes after call for one?

Isn’t there a Cab Commission that artificially limits cab licenses to keep profits high and competition non-existent?

Take ’em to the Mississippi and let ’em have a swim.

To which, Carol replied:

Amen to Mike’s comments. I am in Pittsburgh today where the airport is a $40-50 cab ride. (It is a very long ride.) But there is a shuttle to downtown for $19.

When I come into Memphis, I usually have no one to pick me up, and the price of a cab ride seems exhorbitant. But there is no alternative. It’s cheaper to rent a car than a cab. Something seems really wrong with that.