Is the desire to become a creative city at risk of becoming the latest brand of wishful economic thinking by city leaders?

Our guests this week are exploring the potential of creative industries as viable economic development engines. Jasmin Aber is an architect leading a group of international scholars, the Shrinking Cities Group at UC-Berkeley, who are exploring regeneration options for the world’s shrinking cities. Jasmin’s architectural experience includes design competitions, design and planning mixed-use development, housing and commercial buildings in London and Frankfurt, and participatory planning projects in San Jose, California.

Beth Siegel is president of Mt. Auburn Associates where she has led creative sector strategies for Louisiana, New England and New York City. Beth headed evaluations for the U.S. Economic Development Administration and for the past five years has directed the firm’s evaluation work with The Heinz Endowments in Pittsburgh and a consortium of national and local foundations involved in workforce development in Boston.

We’ll talk about the pursuit to become a creative city this week on Smart City

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