Finally, Memphis gets a member on the Tennessee Valley Authority board, a lucrative and powerful position, but with Memphis’ historic ties to TVA, it’s amazing how long it took to do something so logical.

TVA has been dominated by East Tennessee influence, and its decisions and direction have largely been made within that context. We would make progress if we just get some of the change invested over there. TVA is the kind of national agency that can make things happen, so hopefully, the new Memphis appointee, Bishop William Graves, can attract more of its attention to its role in the future of this city.

A tip of the hat goes to Memphian Karl Schledwitz, who leveraged his deep political skills and contacts, to campaign to make this happen. When he first started talking about the lack of fairness in the make-up of the TVA board, few people were listening, but before it was over, he had moved it to the top of the agenda, and Memphis is the beneficiary.