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Flashback from 2005: Studies Offer Reality Check on Memphis’ Urban Core

Thumbnail:  It’s not like we haven’t been warned about the racial disparity in income, thje poverty, the economic segregation, etc.  This blog post from 15 years ago also suggests that we shouldn’t allow our enthusiasm about downtown’s progress to obscure the sluggish economic growth that continues to be a drag on our trajectory.  It also suggests that our rhetoric regularly outstrips our actions to improve things, or we wouldn’t still be talking about the need to address some of these issues today.

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Memphis Poverty Is Endemic And City Is In Distress, REPORT SAYS

Thumbnail: Memphis’ neighborhood poverty continues to be the leading problem facing the city.  The Economic Innovation Group summed it up in graphic terms in its May, 2020 report, The Persistence of Neighborhood Poverty – Examining the power of inertia and the rarity of neighborhood turnaround across U.S. cities. Memphis is one of six cities spotlighted in the report. 

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Latest Bill Day Cartoon

The Map, A Cartoon by Award-Winning Bill Day

by Bill Day. Memphian Bill Day is two-time winner of the RFK Journalism Award in Cartooning. His cartoons are syndicated internationally by Cagle Cartoons. Cartoons Archive →

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