It’s been pointed out here that the new leadership of the Greater Memphis Chamber has a long-needed focus on data-driven decisions and reporting.  In that vein, the Chamber is requesting information for the largest study ever about a subject high on the economic development list: workforce.

The following is an important news release about it:

As Greater Memphis prepares for a wave of new jobs related to major economic development announcements, the Greater Memphis Chamber is launching a region-wide survey to determine what skills and education levels are needed by the region’s employers. 

The Chamber is launching the 2023 Bridging the Talent Gap Employer Survey in partnership with The Graduate! Network, The Kresge Foundation, and other local chambers. This 15-minute survey, which is available through Feb. 3 to chief executives and human resources personnel, can be found HERE. If the Chamber reaches its target of surveying 130 employers, this would be its largest workforce study ever. 

The survey results will inform the development and prioritization of regional workforce strategies. 

“Memphis is a vibrant city that continues to attract key businesses and industries, and they all have one thing in common: the need for a robust and agile workforce that’s able to pivot and upskill quickly to meet current and future needs,” said Amity Schuyler, the Greater Memphis Chamber’s senior vice president of Workforce Development. “This survey will help us grow the workforce of the future.” 

The Greater Memphis Chamber has set a goal of adding 50,000 jobs in the region by the end of 2030 as part of its Prosper Memphis 2030 plan, but reaching that goal will require Greater Memphis to make workforce development a top priority. Doing its part, the Chamber and its education partners have worked to introduce accelerated skills training that can give industry certifications within 24 weeks, opening new pathways to prosperity for people who have not received a college degree. 

Individual survey answers are kept strictly confidential, although employers completing the survey will have access to an interactive data dashboard that will include benchmark data from national surveys.