About 17 days ago, we asked a diverse group of people to grade key local players in the COVID-19 pandemic.  At the time, we invited readers to submit their grades and we are grateful for all of you who did.   We continue to update them.

Here are the updated grades (the previous grades are in parentheses with week 1 being at the far right):

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland: B-  (B)  (A-)

Memphians: C-  (C)  (C)

Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris: B-  (B-)  (C)

Shelby County Health Department: B  (B-)  (C-)

Mayors of Shelby County Municipalities: D  (D+)  (C-)

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee: F  (D)  (D-)

Tennessee Department of Health: F  (F)  (F)

President Donald Trump: (Is there something lower than F)  (F)  (D-)

Dr. Anthony Fauci: A  (A)  (A+)

Daily Memphian:  A-  (A-)  (A)

The Commercial Appeal: A-  (A)  (A-)

Local Television News: C+  (D)  (C-)

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves:  F  (F )  (F)

New entries that were sent in:

Daily Health Department updates: D (for dull)

Memphis COO Doug McGowen: A

Greater Memphis Chamber: C-

Congressman Steve Cohen: B-

Congressman David Kustoff: F