We write often here about some troubling rankings for Memphis, but here’s one that we can be proud of.  Memphis is listed in the top 10 of most charitable cities, and it’s a distinction we’ve had for years.

From Huffington Post:

Turns out, you don’t need deep pockets to lead the way in charitable giving in the U.S.

According to a report released by The Chronicle of Philanthropy on Monday, wealthy individuals have scaled back on the amount of money they’ve been donating to charity, while the less affluent have been picking up the slack.

Americans who earned $200,000 or more cut the share of their income they gave to charity by 4.6 percent from 2006 to 2012. Those bringing in less than $100,000 donated 4.5 percent more of their income, the report concluded based on tax-return analyses, the Associated Press reported.

Major cities saw the biggest hit, but metropolises that retain high church-attendance rates maintained high giving levels.

Check out the 10 U.S. cities that gave the highest portion of their income away:

  • 10
    Virginia Beach, Virginia, 3.3%
    Andy Ryan via Getty Images
  • 9
    Charlotte, North Carolina, 3.4%
    Richard Cummins via Getty Images
  • 8
    Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, 3.6%
  • 7
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 3.7%
    Walter Bibikow via Getty Images
  • 6
    Jacksonville, Florida, 3.8%
    SuperStock via Getty Images
  • 5
    Nashville, Tennessee, 3.9%
    Anne Rippy via Getty Images
  • 4
    Atlanta, Georgia, 4%
    Danita Delimont via Getty Images
  • 3
    Birmingham, Alabama, 4.8%
    John Cardasis via Getty Images
  • 2

    Memphis, Tennessee, 5.1%

    Anthony-Masterson via Getty Images
  • 1
    Salt Lake City, Utah 5.4%