New technologies are combining to change the way we influence our communities. In her book, Momentum, Allison Fine writes about these new technologies and how they are igniting social change in our connected age. Allison is a senior fellow on the Democracy Team at Demos: A Network for Change and Action in New York, and was the founder and Executive Director of Innovation Network.

Also with us are Deepa Naik and Trenton Oldfield, coordinators of This Is Not A Gateway, a thoroughly modern, self-organizing festival of ideas planned for London next October. Unlike organizers of recent big-name U.S. “think” festivals, Deepa and Trenton are more curious than curatorial. Deepa’s work has focused on cross-cultural contemporary art practice and community activism. She has recently worked as an artist and educator with Public Works and Art for Change. Trenton is coordinator of the Thames Strategy – Kew to Chelsea and he was project manager of Cityside Regeneration.

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