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Over on our Facebook page, we’re posting several articles daily that deal with issues that are relevant for Memphis.

We’ve asked what are the five best examples of placemaking in Memphis in conjunction with an article about the five best examples of placemaking in the U.S.  We’ve spotlighted skateboard urbanism, why 12 foot lanes of roadway are killing cities, the importance of young firms for economic growth, how millennials love public transit, how Atlanta turned around its public transit, and how Memphis and Nashville finished in the top 10 ranking for worst cities for women looking to marry.

We hope you’ll join us there as we continue the conversation that begins here on issues that push our hot buttons…and we hope yours.

Remember, we started the Facebook page to make the number of posts emails to you more manageable.  For a couple of years, we were posting articles, columns, and studies in addition to our own posts.

After getting several emails about information overload, we changed things three months ago.  We began to primarily post the commentaries written by us and only an infrequent article from others that we felt was especially relevant to Memphis.

But, we then received some emails from people who said they missed the other information, which often spotlighted issues, research, or statistics that could inform Memphis discussions.

So, as a result of this, we are trying to strike a balance.

That’s why we created the Facebook page where we are posting our original commentaries and  also these other articles, reports, and columns that shed light on issues, problems, and opportunities in Memphis.

The Facebook page can be found here.