WHAT: Panel Discussion- Public Participation in Transportation Planning
Sponsored by Sierra Club, Chickasaw Group
WHEN: April 28, 2014. 5:30pm (meet & greet); 6:00pm (panel begins)
WHERE: Benjamin Hooks Public Library, 3030 Poplar Ave, Memphis
The Sierra Club, Chickasaw Group is sponsoring a panel discussion, titled “Public Participation in Transportation Planning” so that Memphis city and metro area residents can learn more about how to have input, and how to influence local transportation planning decisions.
The panel will include Mr. Tom Fox, Acting President of MATA (MemphisArea Transportation Authority), and Ms. Pragati Srivastava, MPO Administrator (Memphis Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization). Representatives of TDOT (the Tennessee Department of Transportation) have also been invited.

Panelists will make brief presentations about their organization and its public input process, which will be followed by Q&A, with questions from the moderator and by attendees. Links to the agencies public participation plans/policies are shown below.
Most individuals take transportation for granted, except when their car breaks down, when the bus is late, or when they hear about plans to build a highway. Most don’t realize how significant transportation is to our economy– it accounts for 8-10% of the US GDP. Even more significantly, transportation accounts for 27% of energy usage in the US, and 34% of carbon dioxide emissions. Additionally, transportation has major impacts on land use and property values. With transportation having such a significant impact on our economy and the environment, it is increasingly important for people to know how to be involved and how to give their input. Developers, and those who build roads and shopping centers are always paying attention. This panel should help the general public learn “when”, “where” and “how” to pay attention and give input. A better Memphis, Shelby County, and region depends on you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Public comments are being accepted on proposed fixed-route and MATAplus service changes until 3:30pm, Friday, April 25th, 2014.

WEBSITES: Tennessee.SierraClub.org/Chickasaw/