From the Best Times:

Germantown, Collierville and Arlington lead the way in household incomes among cities in the Memphis area, recently released U.S. Census Bureau numbers show.

Germantown and Collierville are both above $100,000. Households in Lakeland and Bartlett also have higher median incomes than Olive Branch, which has the highest median in DeSoto County and for several years has had the second highest median among Mississippi cities behind Madison, a Jackson suburb.

Household incomes are among the estimates in the Census Bureau’s five-year 2008-2012 American Community Survey (ACS) results that were released in December. The median is the midpoint figure. Half of incomes in a city or other geographic area are above the median and half are below. The ACS numbers are updated annually covering one year, three years and five years.

Here are the median household income figures for cities in Shelby County: Germantown, $114,520; Collierville, $102,643; Arlington, $93.208; Lakeland, $85,928; Bartlett, $75,225; Millington, $48,832; Memphis, $36,817.

The Shelby County median is $46,251; the Tennessee median, $44,140, and the United States median, $53,046. Brentwood, a Nashville suburb in Williamson County, at $133,304 apparently has the highest median in Tennessee among cities with more than 20,000 residents.

The median household incomes in DeSoto County are: Olive Branch, $65,543; Hernando, $59,632; Southaven, $56,164; Horn Lake, $46,765; Walls, $30,391. The DeSoto County median is $58,851 and Mississippi’s is $38,822.

Madison, a Jackson suburb, at $96,700 traditionally has the highest median among Mississippi cities with more than 5,000 residents.

Among other counties in the Memphis area, the medians are $56,297 in Fayette County and $51,847 in Tipton County.