These montages are popular for cities around the U.S. these days.  It’s about time for someone to do one for Memphis like the one recently posted for Louisville.

By Eric Stemen

This is a montage of time lapses taken around Louisville, Kentucky over the course of roughly a year and a half.
I started this project off on February 28, 2012 and took my last shot on September 13, 2013.
Through this video I’ve explored more of Louisville than I ever thought I would, and met some friendly people along the way.
This was originally going to be my first timelapse video, but I didn’t have enough to finish it in 2012. While waiting for leaves to return to the trees in Louisville, I headed to eastern Kentucky and shot for a week around there and released the second timelapse video I started on before releasing this one. When you don’t place a time limit on yourself you can get some really good shots, but end up taking a long time to make something as close to perfect as possible.
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Music is provided by “Interstates”