More legal opinions clarify questions asked about consolidation of city and county schools and the impact of a special school district.

There’s no longer any question that the Shelby County Board of Commissioners will ultimately draw the districts for the new version of the Shelby County Board of Education.  It was always pretty clear that this was the case, but there were still some suburban politicians in denial.

The current county school board members will serve out the rest of their terms, but the big question now is how soon the board of commissioners can appoint new members to the county board to represent the Memphians who make up the majority of the district.

To read the opinion requested by the county attorney’s office, click here.

Meanwhile, today, the Tennessee Attorney General issued an opinion ab0ut who can vote to surrender the charter for Memphis City Schools.  The verdict wasn’t unsurprising since it was logical.  Voters inside the special school district – in this case, inside Memphis – are the ones who can vote.   This would seem to once and for all eliminate the notion that voters outside Memphis should also get a vote.

To read this opinion, click here.