OK, I admit it, I watch TV. And I admit that I watch a little more than I’d like to admit.

So when someone tells me about a new TV show, I shrink away, not wanting to get hooked into any more TV. BUT when I read about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, I immediately set the recorder.

In this new show, Oliver takes on one of the unhealthiest cities in America, Huntington, WV. He chose this West Virginia city because of the bleak statistics of obesity and diabetes in Appalachia. When Jamie shows up for his first day of school, it’s pizza for breakfast and when he takes a peek into the school walk-in fridge he proclaims, “processed crap.”

If you know anything about Jamie, aka The Naked Chef, then you know he’s been a proponent of healthy eating for quite some time now. He founded the Fifteen Foundation whose purpose is, “to inspire disadvantaged young people by giving them the opportunity to create a better life for themselves in the restaurant, hospitality and catering sectors, through practical training and work placements.” And now he’s turning his attention to helping people of all ages eat balanced meals and cook with fresh ingredients, not only in schools, but homes, workplaces and even restaurants.

I’d love Jamie to make his way to Memphis, I can think of many institutions that would greatly benefit from his help. In the meantime, we can start our own Food Revolution in our homes by choosing a healthier diet. A start in that direction is eating more locally grown non-processed foods and we’re lucky to have more and more options to eat this way. We have Easy Way, Miss Cordelia’s, Whole Foods, Fresh Market and of course all of the Memphis great Farmers Markets, with a new Farmers Market in Cooper Young on our horizon.

Ironically, the show was interrupted by an ABC Special Report on Health Care Reform so I took the time to borrow this quote from a friend’s Facebook posting, “Here’s the deal: We are a bunch of lazy fat asses. If you want the best of both worlds, that is, low cost AND universal coverage, let’s get in shape. Eat healthy, eat less, smoke less, drink less (pointing the finger at myself), and exercise. THAT is the only real solution.” Nice summary, David!

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution aired on ABC March 22. If you missed it, tune in for next week’s episode airing March 26th.  Look out lunch ladies; Jamie’s headed your way!