Welcome to the new Smart City Memphis blog.

Our blog may have a new look but its purpose is unchanged: it’s still about encouraging conversations in Memphis about the things that matter, about connecting the dots and about looking beneath the surface on policies and trends.

We appreciate the encouragement from readers we’ve received since this blog sprang to live in spring, 2005, whether those comments came in the form of kind words or constructive criticisms.  We hope they will continue, because we value your advice and your comments.

With the new, improved Smart City Memphis, we begin today to feature about three dozen guest bloggers who will be regular contributors to this blog.

We are also proud to feature the outstanding photography of Amie Vanderford, whose images illuminates the unique character of our city.

Like us, all of them get no financial return in the investment of time, insights and perspective.  That’s why we are extremely grateful to them for their generosity in becoming part of our new blog.

We began Smart City Memphis four and a half years ago on a whim – to put into writing some of the discussions that we were having in our office every day.  Along the way, we have developed a specific point of view that reflects our experiences and our work, and we have moved more from observer to advocate for progressive public decisions and civic priorities.

Best of all, from the many emails that we receive, we often channel the opinions and hopes of so many Memphians who care deeply about this crazy, funky place and want to make it better.

We appreciate the emails that you send each week, your passion for our city and your commitment to making things better.  Those are characteristics that define the guest bloggers who will be introduced here in the next 30 days.   (We continue to welcome guest posts from readers as well.)

We invite you to join the conversation and to share your opinions and suggestions for making Memphis a smart city.