We’ve never been able to attract much interest to our suggestion that the parking lots around The Pyramid should be covered with sod and become our downtown festival site. But we’d sure like to take the vote in the midst of another downpour at the opening night of Memphis in May’s Beale Street Music Festival.

With The Pyramid as a back-up for 20,000 fans to retreat indoors to hear some of the acts, at least something could be salvaged from this yearly baptism and mudfest. Heck, the blues tent could even be set up in the space formerly used by Wonders, and there are probably some other creative ways to get some acts inside besides the headliners on the big stage.

Of more concern to us each year than the rain-soaked music fans is the fact that our primary downtown park will be chewed up yet again, and it will be months before the grass comes back and it’s presentable again.

Somehow, the trade-off of our signature riverfront park being unsightly for months so that we can have three days of a music festival just doesn’t compute to us any longer.