Daily Beast has put together its own ranking of cities – America’s craziest cities.  Now here’s a list that’s more up our alley, although we’re disappointed to only being ranked #10 in eccentricity.

On the overall list, Memphis ranks #15.  We’re just behind Austin, but ahead of Denver, Portland and Seattle.  Now here’s a group we’ve always wanted to be part of.

Presumably, there will be no letter writing campaigns on this ranking unless it’s to argue that we should be higher in the rankings.  It’s the craziness that we love most about Memphis.

Here’s the way the Daily Beast describes its list:

Move over, Las Vegas. After two years of national doldrums, crazy is on the rise again. From shrinks to drinks, The Daily Beast tallies who’s handling their stress—and who’s losing it.

Keep Austin Weird—the famous slogan from Austin, Texas, was conceived as a marketing tool, but it’s grown for some into a mantra. And why not? It’s been a rough couple of years. Those that don’t embrace a bit of zaniness risk having it consume them.

For these crazy times, The Daily Beast decided to rank America’s craziest cities—more specifically, the 57 largest metropolitan areas—using four criteria: psychiatrists per capita, stress, eccentricity and drinking levels.

Las Vegas, New Orleans and New York all put in solid top ten showings. The least offbeat city should raise some eyebrows. And the one that falls furthest south of normal? Here’s a hint: it’s a bit north (and east) of Austin and better known for chili than crazy.