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Category: Criminal Justice

Late Memphis Supreme Court Justice Fortas In The News Again, Deserves His Whole Story To Be Told

Thumbnails: The late Memphian, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Abe Fortas, is used by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in his pretzel logic about the appointment of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s successor.  It’s worth remembering the entire and powerful story of this distinguished Memphian’s life and how raw politics blocked his appointment as chief justice in one of the U.S. Senate’s darkest moments.

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Question For Memphis Reimagining Police Committee: More Police Or Better Police?

Thumbnail: After 48 years of police directors chosen from within the Memphis Police Department culture, Memphis has the opportunity to bring in new perspectives and new ideas with a new hire who is prepared to answer the key question:  Does Memphis need more police or better police?  It is now also the primary question that is front and center for the newly appointed City of Memphis reimagining police committee. 

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Young Leaders In Philadelphia Driving Police Reform Debate

Thumbnail: The Philadelphia Millennial Advisory Committee  – created by city government to obtain input from millennials.  They may be getting more than they bargained for, becuase the group is a model of active leadership by young leaders and they are making the most of the opportunity to provide candid, honest, and direct opinions, most lately on the subject of police reform and issues related to Black Lives Matter.    

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Can The Police Committee Be A Force For Change, Not More Of The Same?

Thumbnail: The new committee on reimaging policing has the opportunity to be the change agent that Memphis has needed.  It requires them to do more than rely on the usual suspects for ideas, data, and recommendations.  Recent research by Prof. Barry Friedman and commentaries by consultant David Eichenthal are must reads for the committee to get off on the right foot.

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New Magic Number For Police Is 2,800: Is Enough Ever Enough?

Thumbnail: City of Memphis has yet another magic number for the size of its police force.  It continues the arrest and jail philosophy that has largely failed to develop a balanced crime-fighting plan that includes prevention and intervention. City Council is being asked to go on record in favor of a 2,800 police force but without the other critical elements to reducing crime.

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Latest Bill Day Cartoon

Deplatforming Drugs, A Cartoon By Award-Winning Bill Day

by Bill Day. Memphian Bill Day is two-time winner of the RFK Journalism Award in Cartooning. His cartoons are syndicated internationally by Cagle Cartoons. Cartoons Archive →

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