By John Branston

Cops and crazy excuses go together, except the cop is usually the one hearing the excuse, not making it.

Who hasn’t been pulled over for a busted tail light, expired tag, or speeding ticket and begged for lenience with some stretcher?

“I had to get to the doctor.”

“I was on my way to get this fixed.”

“The dog ate my mail.”

Memphis assistant police chief Shawn Jones resides in Atlanta. So his side gig is fighting crime in Memphis. We all know how that’s going.

He’s not all in. Doesn’t believe in eating his own cooking. Hey, he’s been working remotely before working remotely was cool! And he’s buddies with the police chief, who also came here from Atlanta. And there’s a loophole or three that says this ok, common sense be damned.  Why it took more than two years for this story to come to light is a mystery, but the ending is clear: write Jones a ticket. A Greyhound bus ticket to Atlanta. Deduct it from his $180,000 annual pay.

Then offer the same deal to Chief Davis.


John Branston covered Memphis as a reporter and columnist for 35 years.