The following are the numbers of visitors to local media websites for April, May, and June and some selected ones in other cities:                                            


                                                                April                      May                       June

Daily Memphian                              505.2K                   434.4K                  530.1K

Commercial Appeal                        1.4M                      891.7K                   972.2K

WREG-TV                                            2.0M                         2.1M                      2.1M

WMC-TV                                             1.3M                        769.1K                   924.7K

Local 24                                             409.5K                     430.4K                   456.5K

Fox 13                                                 1.2M                           1.1M                   988.3K

Nashville Tennessean                   4.8M                          3.5M                      2.8M

Knoxville News-Sentinel              2.3M                          2.1M                      1.6M

Chattanooga Times Free Press   749.2K                    746.2K                     696.0K


Source: Similarweb