For a couple of years, we were posting articles, columns, and studies in addition to our own posts.

After getting several emails about information overload, we changed things three months ago.  We began to primarily post the commentaries written by us and only an infrequent article from another website or blog that we felt was especially relevant to Memphis.

But, we then received some emails from people who said they missed the other information, which often spotlighted issues or statistics especially relevant to Memphis (and hopefully informed the conversation here).

So, as a result of this, we are trying to strike a balance.

We have now created a Facebook page where we will not only post our original posts but also these other articles, reports, and columns that shed light on issues, problems, and opportunities in Memphis.  As usual, our hope is to provide new insights and information and to encourage bolder ideas and a sense of urgency.

The Facebook page can be found here.