An email we received about Urban Indifference:

Unfortunately, we do indeed have many topics for you to cover in an Urban Indifference series.
Two U.I. areas that come to mind are:
1) Streets and Sidewalks  – I think Councilman Fords idea of a tax is interesting to address the sad fact that our streets are repaved on average every 75 years. However, I am consistently alarmed by the poor condition of our sidewalks. Broken, busted curbs, buckling sidewalks give both Midtown and Downtown (and other areas) an odd third world feeling. As people start to get out of their cars more often perhaps it’s a topic that will receive more attention. But I find the overall condition of our sidewalks appalling.
2) I am depressed about the lack of creative architecture in our medical center. Of course costs dictate much of what we see but cant St Jude (for example) have a world class architect discount their work to bring something other than boxes to their campus?