Former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson has formed a political action committee that will financially support candidates “who believe in limited government.”

The senator – the most underperforming Tennessee senator in 30 years – said he is now on the look-out for high-performing candidates who share his conservative bona fides.

As for us, we wish him well. We just wish his notion of “limited government” included getting the federal government out of the reproductive decisions of women, arguing against the Supreme Court decision that established the right of privacy, and removing the federal government from a decision on what constitutes marriage and the myriad other ways that he has supported the expansion of federal government authority and activity in our lives, particularly in the erosion of our Constitutional rights in the name of homeland security.

It’s one of the curious realities of the Republican Revolution. After years of decrying government bureaucrats and liberal judges (although the majority of federal judges was appointed by Republicans) for intruding into the lives of Americans, once they gained power, they did the same.