We were proud to see our colleague and friend, Carol Coletta, quoted again today in the New York Times in its coverage of what young jobseekers want.

In answering the question – you’ve already read it here frequently: they are motivated in where to live than what they do, the newspaper relied on the “Young and Restless” reports that we’ve written about so often.

Always a Memphis booster, Carol even managed to get in a plug for Mpact Memphis.

The study spotlighted in the article was the Yankelovich report: “Attracting College-Educated Young Adults to Cities” that Carol spearheaded as president of CEOs For Cities in Chicago.

In the words of the report, young workers are looking for cities that are “clean, safe and green,” and without these, a city is out of the running.

That’s why these are the first things that need to be addressed if Memphis wants to join the 14 urban areas in the U.S. that have seen more workers move in than move out – Austin, Atlanta, Nashville, Dallas-Fort Worth, Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Greensboro-Winston Salem, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Raleigh-Durham, Orlando, Denver, Charlotte, Salt Lake City, and Portland, Oregon.

Our firm –in collaboration with Portland economist Joe Cortright – has written our own talent strategy reports for Atlanta, Richmond, Tampa, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Memphis and Providence. If you’d like to read these “Young and Restless” reports, you can find them here on our website.