Keith Bellows may have the best job in America. He’s editor in chief of National Geographic Traveler and this week he’ll tell us about the must see cities on his list of top destinations. And we’ll talk about the land use policies that make cities good places to live with Keith Schneider of the Michigan Land Use Institute and Brad Lander at the Pratt Center for Community Development.

Keith Schneider, an environmental writer and former national correspondent for the New York Times, is program director of the Michigan Land Use Institute, a research and advocacy organization he cofounded in 1995.

Brad Lander directs the Pratt Center for Community Development in New York. During Brad’s tenure, the Pratt Center has helped to shape a new inclusionary zoning policy to create affordable housing in New York City and to protect the tenure of public housing residents in Staten Island.

Amsterdam, Dubai, Detroit, New York….all those cities and more, this week on Smart City.

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