From Steve Steffens:

Well, I might as well get in on this, I’ve only lived here 36 years.
1. Memphis Music & Heritage Festival
2. Center for Southern Folklore (full disclosure – I’m on the board, but I would say it anyway
3. The gazebo in back of the Ornamental Metal Museum – there’s not a better place to watch the River.
5. The greatest ribs on earth at Central BBQ
6. The remarkable people
7. The Folk Alliance Conference each February
8. Great food of every cuisine you can imagine and a few you can’t.
9. Riverside Drive – day or night
10. The skyline as you enter from the west over the Desoto Bridge.

From Joe Spake:

At least 10 Things I like about Memphis:

  • Payne’s Barbecue
  • Memphis Roller Derby
  • Center for Southern Folklore
  • Memphis Music and Heritage Festival
  • Fino’s
  • The Riverwalk
  • Otherlands
  • Huey’s Midtown
  • Overton Park
  • Local Music
  • Cooper-Young

From Amy Fortenberry:

I am not a native Memphian, but I am proud to call it home. And while I admit that there are times I get scared, angry, discouraged, critical and even embarrassed about what goes on in this city – it is still my home, it is where I voluntarily chose to move and to live, and therefore it is my duty (and right) to defend it and do what I can to make it a better place for all. So, for my list:
1) The sheer number of churches – there’s something for everyone, regardless of who/what/why you choose to worship (or not worship). AND the open mindedness of most people, which makes this possible.

2) The Mississippi River in all its majesty. I’m lucky enough to see it almost every day because I work downtown, and it never ceases to take my breath away. (Speaking of the river, I have to include the fireworks show on the 4th of July.)

3) Trees, trees, trees, and more trees. In all seasons, they are beautiful, from first buds in spring to the starkness of the bare branches in winter. I’m excited now for all the green to start poking through – but I love being able to actually see all of the bird nests tucked away in the branches right now, before the leaves hide them.

4) The fact that you can get anywhere – be it Millington to Southaven, downtown to Collierville – in about thirty minutes. For that matter, the fact that you could actually hit three STATES in less than thirty minutes.

5) The Farmer’s Markets – both the one downtown at the train station, and the one out east at the Agri-center.

6) All the open, green areas, right in the middle of urban development. Shelby Farms, Audubon Park, Overton Park, etc.

7) The fact that I-40 doesn’t go straight through Memphis, but around – because of the zoo! (Some people might not think this is a good thing, but I do – the beauty of the zoo and the surrounding area more than makes up for the minor inconvenience of having to switch to 240 temporarily. I once heard that this is the only place in the nation where I-40 doesn’t go straight through. I don’t know if that is actually true or not, but I get a kick out of it anyway.)

8) The medical facilities, such as the Med, Baptist East, Le Bonheur, and St. Jude’s. While I pray that neither my family or yours will ever need them – I’m thankful to know they are here and available for those inevitable times when we do.

9) The opportunity to further your education at any number of institutions, from Crichton to Southwest to Memphis to Rhodes.

10) Fed-Ex and AutoZone! Two world class organizations that make their home here, and do great things for the community.

From Donald Anthony:

A few things I like about Memphis –

1. The people. Cliche as it may be, I’ve lived in many other places, and I’ve never met such friendly people.

2. The spirit. Memphis rallies — be it around the Tigers or the riverfront or the old growth forest or distressed friends in faraway places. I will never forget venturing to the Wal-Mart on Germantown Parkway late one night in September 2005 and seeing a line of people as far as I could see waiting to place bags of goods–bought with their own hard-earned money–in the back of a truck for delivery to people they had never met. I was compelled to do the same.

3. The Zoo. My family held a membership there for three years and visited well over 100 times. It never gets old.

4. The Brooks Gallery. Same as above.

5. The University of Memphis, which has decided to be a trend-setter in university-neighborhood relations.

6. All of the colleges and universities in Memphis, which bring diversity and keep Memphis interesting.

7. Community-engaged faculty of above-cited universities and colleges. I live in a college town now, and I have yet to meet another Phyllis Betts, Richard Janikowski, or David Ciscel.

8. The food. I miss Central and Cozy Corner and Leonard’s. I even miss Tops.

9. The Pink Palace and The Children’s Museum. Both supply endless hours of fun.

10. On a personal note, St. Mary’s Cathedral. Besides being my church home, it has some of the most fascinating architecture (inside and out) of any structure in the area.

These are the first ten that come to mind.

And from anonymous:

  • Common Ground
  • Lakes in Raleigh
  • Stax
  • MS River Front
  • Memphis Zoo
  • Ballet Memphis
  • Flowers along the Parkways
  • Food!
  • The ways Memphians can laugh and tell it like it is!
  • Trees in Memphis!
  • Our history of non violent protest
  • Tiger Basketball
  • High Point Grocery
  • Dr. Cash
  • GREAT sanitation workers in my neighborhood!!! THANK YOU!
  • How easy it is to get anywhere
  • National Civil Rights Museum
  • Peabody Ducks