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by (RSS) Uncategorized | July 9th, 2010 5:18pm CST | 6 Comments

By Teresa Ghilarducci Let’s say you’re advising a business with varying quality and you want to improve performance. Would you ridicule the workers publicly; cut their pay and benefits; say they are the sole cause of the problem, and that you want brighter younger replacements who will work overtime and weekends? No new CEO would […]

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by (RSS) Uncategorized | June 23rd, 2010 5:21pm CST | 17 Comments

I was in a meeting a few weeks ago when we talked about finding a new executive director for our nonprofit group. It dawned on us as we talked that in Memphis, we are always talking about diversity and we’re always talking about making sure African-Americans are represented. When do women get their turn? It […]

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